The countertop is a crucial element of the kitchen. It is where all the activities take place. More than that, countertop is the foundation of any kitchen décor while doing a renovation. It reduces the burden of setting the tone and enhances the feel of the space.

Seeing the importance of countertops in kitchen décor, it is highly important to choose the right material, finish and design for your countertop. In this article, we are bringing into your light the countertop trends for 2020. These trends focus heavily on the material choices and on color.

Trend 1: Quartz is still the finest option:

Quartz is an excellent alternative to granite. Granite is a natural rock, which has dominated the kitchen countertops Vancouver scene especially for homeowners who are looking for something durable, strong and good looking. But, it has one disadvantage, it is porous. This means that liquids like wine, water and oil can seep through the surface which causes stains. In addition to this, it encourages the breeding of dangerous bacteria which makes your kitchen unsanitary.

Trend 2: Honed vs. Polished

Honed and leather surfaces are most commonly used and can be applied to different materials such as marble, granite and quartz. Even though polished one is still the most popular, however honed and leather also offer you a lot of benefits.

Honed finish countertops are the ones with matte finish which have little or no shine. The overall look of the surface depends upon the stone type, however honed finish offers you sheen and a smooth surface.

Trend 3: Countertops with Character-Veining

Homeowners are seeking new characters in their countertops. Technology like veining is there to offer homeowners with creative solution. Today, countertops come in a wide variety of patterns unlike the plain styles like before. So, if you still using round particulates of countertop, then it is time to get them updated with realistic veining.

Trend 4: Finishing Sizes and Styles

The countertop are getting modern treatment these days and sinks are also one of those parts of the kitchen which are getting modern. Last year, homeowners preferred integrated sinks. However, 2020 is bringing with advanced options in finishing sizes and styles. This year we have options like matte black sinks and sink fixtures.

Trend 5: Unexpected Neutral Tones

These days people are choosing soft neutral tones over other options. The bright bold hues of Art Deco and other old styles are gradually losing their place in the modern kitchen.

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