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Psychosis or other serious mental illness – Bromazepam has not proved to be an effective treatment bromazepam for these conditions, and is not recommended .
Sleep apnea (temporary suspension of breathing during sleep) – Bromazepam bromazepam may worsen this condition .
Individuals with sleep apnea should not generally use sedatives as sleep sandoz bromazepam side effects taking lexotan when pregnant lexotanil addiction lexilium nedir aids .
(See Sleep Disorders) Dependence: Bromazepam bromazepam dejstvo lexomil insomnie lexotanil ou xanax lexomil zombie bromazepam 3mg generico has been known to be habit-forming .
Withdrawal bromazepam symptoms may occur if treatment is discontinued abruptly .
Follow your doctor’s advice about lexomil grosse dose lexotan medicinale lexotan bromazepam lexotanil shqip lexotanil caracas how much, and how often, you should take Bromazepam .
If you are bromazepam considering stopping Bromazepam treatment, ask your doctor how to safely decrease and then stop Bromazepam .

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